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Automate the management of your Customer Projects through all the stages - from Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & up till Closure.

  • Create Projects for Customers & define the Team Roles
  • Simplify Planning using reusable Project Templates can be setup for the Organization or Users
  • Employees can complete the Tasks assigned to them with notes, uploads & form checklists
  • Track Progress with automatic calculation of completion status & expected end dates
  • View Project Dashboards with Gantt Charts, Kanban etc.
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Track the Time & Effort of your People on Projects with management of their Attendance, Leave & Timesheets

  • Face recognition based attendance app without any hardware (using employee"s own mobile)
  • Uses Geo-location for employees in the office (optional for those who work from home or outside office).
  • Leave Application by employees, with approval & leave balance management
  • Employees can enter Timesheets, recording the time spent on all the tasks allocated to them
  • e Visiting / ID cards using QR codes & NFC with direct download into phonebook
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Manage your office occupancy by allocating seating for employees – both for full time office workers as well as hybrid office workers

  • Map all the office workspaces and meeting rooms on an image of the floor plan
  • Reserve workspaces for specific departments or specific week days
  • Automatic seat allocation for full time office workers when they join and de-allocation when they leave
  • Hybrid office workers can Book Workspaces and Meeting Rooms based on your rules
  • Floor plan view of the office occupancy along with detailed reporting
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Provide Customers & Employees with a Helpdesk to manage the complete lifecycle of their Tickets or Requests

  • Users can use a Bot - available online or via WhatsApp to initiate the request
  • Besides this, the Bot can also be used to provide information and FAQs
  • Create different Request types for Customers or Employees, available to each as per their roles
  • Customize Workflows for each Request type, with different routing, approvers & escalation matrix
  • Track request costs, service levels and response times with up to 3 levels of escalation
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Manage your Expenses, track your Vendor Contracts, and simplify your Payables process. Generate Customer Invoices and ensure that your Receivables are always up to date.

  • Create Vendor Contracts with documents upload and reminders prior to expiry
  • Enter or upload Expenses (whether Contract, Non Contract or Utility) with approval process
  • Track Payments made with reminders prior to the due dates and details on Payables outstanding
  • Calculate and send Customer invoices for Projects based on Timesheets or other metrics
  • Track the receipts, with reminders for past due Invoices and track the Customer Receivables
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Manage Inventory items through their lifecycle - their purchase, requisition, issue, stock tracking and reorder. Also keep a record your Fixed Assets which can also be allocated to employees.

  • Add Inventory Items with details on their vendors, costs, reorder levels and order quantities
  • Employees can requisition for items which are routed to the stock locations
  • The items are issued & despatched with automatic changes made to the stock available
  • Alerts are sent when the available stock falls below the reorder level
  • Fixed Assets can entered and can also be allocated to employees
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Our solutions are designed for Startups, Small, Medium & Large businesses to help automate workflows & connect teams to a single platform.

Project Management

Use custom templates to supercharge project Planning and task Allocation.

Detailed task information with notes, attachments & form checklists

Get real time visibility of task status, Delays & Estimated project completion

IT & Engineering Services

Manage Development & Maintenance Lifecycle with custom templates

Bug reporting and support requests managed through the Helpdesk

Convert Timesheets to Customer Invoices and track Receivables

Professional Services

Use custom Forms & Checklists to collect information for Project tasks

Track time spent on projects as well as on non-billable work or unutilized time

Manage Customer Receivables and budget for Vendor Payables

Business Process Outsourcing

Create custom workflow templates for different Customer Projects

Measure completion time of tasks and requests and track delays

Manage staffing by leave scheduling, attendance & seat availability

Advertising & Marketing

Control Project deliverables and manage tight deadlines

Provide on-demand booking for workspaces and meeting rooms

Track outstanding customer invoices and payments to be made to vendors

Operations Management

Create custom Project templates which can be used across organization

Allocate people to tasks and measure their effort and outcomes

Ensure availability of inventory and workspaces for optimal use

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  • Fully Functional with all Features
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Quick & Simple Setup with Support