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Work from Anywhere

The pandemic has shown that many people don't need to be physically located in an office to work - they just need to be connected by technology and can Work from Anywhere. We need a new solution that gives us

  • A better way of managing Leave by automating approval workflows
  • A safer way of tracking Attendance in any location in a contactless manner
  • A seamless way of monitoring the Productivity of people outside the office

Attendance Management

Face Recognition

Employees take their selfie in the mobile app, which is matched (without saving) to their saved photo via an AI based Face Recognition software

Geo Fencing

The employee's current location can also be saved or matched to the office location if the person is required to be at a particular location.

Attendance Rules

Using the In/Out times, the employee Attendance (Present, Absent, Half Day, Overtime etc.) is generated based on the company policies.

Self Correction

Employees are prompted on missed In/Out times, and can request for Correction which then goes through an approval process.

Leave Automation

Leave Application

Employees can apply for leave (for different leave types) based on the company's policies

Leave Approval

The application is automatically routed for approval (by up to 3 levels).

Leave Revocation

Leaves not taken can be changed or revoked after the approval process.

Leave Balances

Employees can view their own Leave Balances for each type of leave.

Productivity Monitoring

Silent Tracking

The monitoring agent runs frequently on the computer without the user's knowledge

Person Detection

A photo is clicked (using the webcam) to detect if a person is using the computer.

Screenshots & Browser History

A screenshot is also saved along with the user's browser history.

Productivity Analysis

The data from the agent is analyzed to show the productivity of each user during the working day.


Work from Anywhere

Employees can Work from Home, Office or Anywhere since their Attendance & Productivity can be tracked.

For All Employees

It is designed for all employees and can be suitably modified based on the company's policies.

Compliance Management

Manage Compliance of employees to office timings and rules without manual intervention.

Dashboards & Reports

Get Leave, Attendance & Productivity data in simple Dashboards, Reports & Alerts

Employee Health & Safety

Improve Health & Safety of employees through a Zero Contact solution.


Reduce time & effort of manual tracking of Leave, Attendance & Productivity

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Smart LAP is available as a "Subscription" for a Quarter, Half Year or Annually. The subscription fees are based on the features subscribed and size of the organization.


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